Welcome to the official documentation for the latest version of BBMOD!

BBMOD is a 3D model and animation format specially crafted for GameMaker Studio 2. It is accompanied by a conversion tool (BBMOD CLI), as well as GML library that allows you to load, animate and render BBMOD files without any hassle.

BBMOD CLI utilizes Assimp to load third-party model formats, so any model that Assimp can load can be converted to BBMOD. A few examples of such model formats are OBJ, COLLADA or the industry standard FBX.

BBMOD also comes with PBR shaders, fully supporting metallic workflow. This makes it compatible with assets that you would use in professional 3D game engines.

In this document you can find a guide that will help you get started with BBMOD easily, as well as a documentation for the entire Scripting API.



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