Changelog 3.1.0

This release of BBMOD adds a new module "State machine", which includes an implementation of a general-purpose state machine, as well as a state machine for animation playback control.


Core module:

  • Added new struct BBMOD_Class which is a base struct for BBMOD structs that require more OOP functionality.
  • Moved methods on_event, off_event and trigger_event of BBMOD_AnimationPlayer into a new interface BBMOD_IEventListener.
  • Struct BBMOD_AnimationPlayer now implements interface BBMOD_IEventListener.
  • Listeners passed to method BBMOD_IEventListener.on_event can now take the event name as the second argument.
  • The event name argument of method BBMOD_IEventListener.on_event is now optional. If it is not specified, then the listener is executed on every event.
  • Fixed material BBMOD_VFORMAT_DEFAULT_BATCHED, which by accident used shader BBMOD_ShDefaultAnimated.
  • Added method BBMOD_Quaternion.FromEuler, which initializes a quaternion using euler angles.

State machine module:

  • Added a new module - State machine.
  • Added new structs BBMOD_StateMachine and BBMOD_State, which implement a state machine.
  • Added new structs BBMOD_AnimationStateMachine and BBMOD_AnimationState, which implement a state machine that controls animation playback.
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