Changelog 3.1.7

This release mainly focuses on HTML5 support. It adds means for asynchronnous loading of BBMOD model and animations, as well as regular buffers and sprites, which is required for HTML5. Mouselook was also fixed using a JavaScript extension. Additionally there is now a new resource manager module, which greatly simplifies loading or resources, retrieval of already loaded resources and freeing of all loaded resources from memory. The demo project was also reworked into a minigame to show off these new features.


Core module:

  • Added new function bbmod_buffer_load_async, using which you can asynchronnously load buffer from a file.
  • Added new function bbmod_async_save_load_update, which must be executed in the "Async - Save/Load" event if you use asynchronnous loading of buffers.
  • Added new function bbmod_sprite_add_async, using which you can asynchronnously load sprite from a file.
  • Added new function bbmod_async_image_loaded_update, which must be executed in the "Async - Image Loaded" event if you use asynchronnous loading of sprites.
  • Added new function bbmod_empty_callback, which is an empty callback for asynchronnous functions.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Resource, which is now the base struct for all BBMOD resources. This struct contains methods from_file and from_file_async, using which you can load resources from file synchronnously or asynchronnously. When using asynchronnous loading, property IsLoaded is false until the resource is loaded. Asynchronnous loading of files is required for example on the HTML5 platform.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Sprite, which is a sprite resource.
  • Structs BBMOD_Model and BBMOD_Animation now inherit from BBMOD_Resource.
  • Struct BBMOD_BaseMaterial now inherits from BBOMD_Resource too, though it does not yet support loading from files/buffers.
  • Arguments of the BBMOD_Model constructor are now optional.
  • Fixed method BBMOD_VertexFormat.get_byte_size, which returned incorrect values when the vertex format included vertex colors or bones.
  • Fixed creating dynamic and static batches with models that have vertex colors.
  • Animation transitions do no longer trigger event BBMOD_EV_ANIMATION_END. This caused unexpected behavior of animation playback, animation state machines etc.

Camera module:

  • Fixed mouselook on HTML5.
  • Fixed audio listener orientation.

Resource manager module:

  • Added new module - Resource manager.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_ResourceManager, using which you can load any BBMOD resource. These are automatically destroyed when the resource manager is destroyed.

Rendering module:

Renderer submodule:

  • Added new property VignetteColor to BBMOD_Renderer, which is the color of the vignette effect.
  • When a renderer with enabled UseAppSurface is destroyed, it again enables automatic rendering of the application surface.
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