Changelog 3.14.0

This release brings various improvements to different parts of the library. Post-processing was separated from renderer into a dedicated struct. A new type of punctual light was added - a spot light. A frustum collider and frustum-sphere intersection test was added, using which you can make simple frustum culling. Lastly, a new basic camera with full control over from, to and up vectors was added, so it is easier to create BBMOD cameras matching regular GameMaker cameras.


Core module:

  • Method BBMOD_RenderQueue.set_sampler now also accepts a specific index instead of just a uniform name. This is useful for HLSL11, which does not have the uniform keyword.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_PunctualLight, which is a base struct for punctual lights.
  • Struct BBMOD_PointLight now inherits from BBMOD_PunctualLight.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_SpotLight, which is a new punctual light - a spot light.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_add, which adds a punctual light to be sent to shaders.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_count, which retrieves number of punctual lights added to be sent to shaders.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_get, which retrieves a punctual light at given index.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_remove, which removes a punctual light so it is not sent to shaders anymore.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_remove_index, which removes a punctual light so it is not sent to shaders anymore.
  • Added new function bbmod_light_punctual_clear, which removes all punctual lights sent to shaders.
  • Functions bbmod_light_point_add, bbmod_light_point_count, bbmod_light_point_get, bbmod_light_point_remove, bbmod_light_point_remove_index and bbmod_light_point_clear are now deprecated. Please use the new bbmod_light_punctual_* functions instead.
  • Added new property MaxPunctualLights to BBMOD_BaseShader, which is the maximum number of punctual lights in the shader. This must match with value defined in the raw GameMaker shader!
  • Property MaxPointLights of BBMOD_BaseShader is now obsolete. Please use the new MaxPunctualLights instead.
  • Added new method set_punctual_lights to BBMOD_BaseShader, which sets uniform bbmod_LightPunctualDataA.
  • Method set_point_lights of BBMOD_BaseShader is now deprecated, please use the new set_punctual_lights instead.

Camera module:

  • Added new property Up to BBMOD_Camera, which is the camera's up vector.
  • Changed BBMOD_Camera.AspectRatio's default value to window_get_width() / window_get_height(). Previously it was set to 16 / 9.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_BaseCamera, which inherits from BBMOD_Class and it is now the base struct for cameras. It has a destroy method that destroys the raw GameMaker camera!
  • Struct BBMOD_Camera now inherits from BBMOD_BaseCamera.

Raycasting module:

  • Added new struct BBMOD_FrustumCollider, which is a frustum collider that can be initialized from any view-projection matrix or a BBMOD_Camera.
  • Added new method TestFrustum to BBMOD_Collider, which tests whether a collider intersects with a frustum collider. This method is by default not implemented and it will throw a BBMOD_NotImplementedException!
  • Implemented method TestFrustum for BBMOD_SphereCollider.

Rendering module:

Post-processing submodule:

  • Added new struct BBMOD_PostProcessor, which handles post-processing effects.

Renderer submodule:

  • Moved enum BBMOD_EAntialiasing from the Renderer submodule to the Post-processing submodule.
  • Moved properties ColorGradingLUT, ChromaticAberration, Grayscale, Vignette, VignetteColor and Antialiasing from BBMOD_Renderer to BBMOD_PostProcessor.
  • Added new property PostProcessor to BBMOD_Renderer, which is an instance of post-processor. Default is undefined.
  • Property EnablePostProcessing of BBMOD_Renderer is now obsolete.
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