Changelog 3.15.0

This release brings many improvements to various parts of the library, like improved gizmo, possibility to select instances rendered in dynamic batches, debug draw for colliders, fixed rendering of terrain when using non-uniform scaling, configurable chromatic aberration post-processing effect and also support for shadow-casting spot lights among others. Please read the changelog thoroughly before upgrading to this version, as changes done to add support for selecting instances from dynamic batches could be breaking (depending on your project)!


  • Default animated shaders now accept max 128 bones instead of 64.
  • Default batched shaders now expect data in form of [(x, y, z, uniformScale), (qX, qY, qZ, qW), (idX, idY, idZ, idW), ...], where (idX, idY, idZ, idW) is instance ID encoded as color!
  • Shadows from directional lights now smoothly transition out at shadowmap borders instead of being cut off right away.

Core module:

  • Added new function bbmod_matrix_build_normalmatrix, which creates a matrix using which you can safely transform normal vectors in shaders.
  • Struct BBMOD_StaticBatch is now deprecated. We recommend using a BBMOD_DynamicBatch instead.
  • Added new property ShadowmapResolution to BBMOD_Light, which is the shadowmap resolution.
  • Added new property ShadowmapArea to BBMOD_DirectionalLight, which is the area captured by the shadowmap.
  • Argument _slotsPerInstance of BBMOD_DynamicBatch's constructor now defaults to 12 instead of 8.
  • Method default_fn of BBMOD_DynamicBatch, which is the default data writer, now also writes instance id encoded as color (12 places in total instead of 8)!
  • Added new optional argument _ids to method render of BBMOD_DynamicBatch, which are IDs of instances in the _batchData array(s). Defaults to IDs of instances added to the batch using its add_instance method.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_VFORMAT_DEBUG, which is a vertex format useful for debugging purposes, like drawing previews of colliders.

Gizmo module:

  • Added new property EnableGridSnap to BBMOD_Gizmo, which enables snapping to grid when moving objects.
  • Added new property GridSize to BBMOD_Gizmo, which is the size of the grid.
  • Added new property EnableAngleSnap to BBMOD_Gizmo, which enables angle snapping when rotating objects.
  • Added new property AngleSnap to BBMOD_Gizmo, which is the angle snapping size.
  • Added new property KeyCancel to BBMOD_Gizmo, which is the virtual key used to cancel editing and revert changes. Default is vk_escape.
  • Added new property KeyIgnoreSnap to BBMOD_Gizmo, which is the virtual key used to ignore grid and angle snapping when they are enabled. Default is vk_alt.
  • Added new method GetInstanceGlobalMatrix to BBMOD_Gizmo, which is a function that the gizmo uses to retrieve an instance's global matrix. Normally this is an identity matrix. If the instance is attached to another instance for example, then this will be that instance's transformation matrix.
  • Fixed the gizmo to work independently on from which direction is the camera looking at it and whether it's moving or not.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_SHADER_INSTANCE_ID_BATCHED, which is a shader used when rendering instance IDs.

Raycasting module:

  • Added new method GetCorners to BBMOD_FrustumCollider, which retrieves an array of its corners.
  • Added new method DrawDebug to BBMOD_Ray, which draws a debug preview of the ray.
  • Added new method DrawDebug to BBMOD_Collider, which draws a debug preview of the collider. By default this method is not implemented and it will throw BBMOD_NotImplementedException if used!
  • Implemented method DrawDebug for colliders BBMOD_AABBCollider, BBMOD_FrustumCollider and BBMOD_SphereCollider.

Rendering module:

Post-processing submodule:

  • Added new property ChromaticAberrationOffset to BBMOD_PostProcessor, which are chromatic aberration offsets for RGB channels.

Renderer submodule:

  • Property ShadowmapResolution of BBMOD_Renderer is now obsolete. Please use BBMOD_Light.ShadowmapResolution instead.
  • Property ShadowmapArea of BBMOD_Renderer is now obsolete. Please use BBMOD_DirectionalLight.ShadowmapArea instead.

Sky submodule:

  • Fixed shader BBMOD_ShSky ignoring matrix rotation.

Terrain module:

  • Fixed terrain normals when using non-uniform scaling.
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