Changelog 3.19.0

In this release terrain mesh is split into chunks of configurable size and you can control how many chunks to render from the camera's position. Using this you can create larger terrains and draw just a portion of them to save on triangle count. The terrain now also supports a color map, which multiplies the base texture. Terrain material layers were reworked as a preparation for a deferred rendering pipeline. Please read the following changelog thoroughly before upgrading to this version.

  • Added new property Colormap to BBMOD_Terrain, which is a texture to multiply the terrain colors with.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_U_COLORMAP, which is the name of a fragment shader uniform of type sampler2D that holds the color map texture.
  • Added new property ChunkSize to BBMOD_Terrain, which is the width and height of a single terrain chunk. Terrain mesh is now split into chunks which consist of ChunksizexChunksize quads.
  • Added new optional argument _chunkSize to the constructor of BBMOD_Terrain. This is the width and height of a single terrain chunk. Defaults to 128.
  • Added new property Chunks to BBMOD_Terrain, which is a grid of vertex buffers, each representing an individual terrain chunk.
  • Added new property ChunkRadius, which is the radius (in chunk size) within which terrain chunks are visible around the camera. Zero means only the chunk that the camera is on is visible. Use infinity to make all chunks visible. Default value is infinity.
  • Property VertexBuffer of BBMOD_Terrain is now obsolete! It was replaced with the new Chunks property.
  • Added new property Material to BBMOD_Terrain, which is the shader used when rendering the terrain. Default is BBMOD_MATERIAL_TERRAIN.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_TerrainLayer, which describes a material of a single terrain layer.
  • Entries in BBMOD_Terrain.Layer should now be of Struct.BBMOD_TerrainLayer type instead of Struct.BBMOD_DefaultMaterial!
  • Added new struct BBMOD_TerrainShader, which is the base class for BBMOD terrain shaders.
  • Shaders BBMOD_SHADER_TERRAIN and BBMOD_SHADER_TERRAIN_UNLIT are now constructed from BBMOD_TerrainShader.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_TerrainMaterial, which is a material that can be used when rendering terrain.
  • Materials BBMOD_MATERIAL_TERRAIN and BBMOD_MATERIAL_TERRAIN_UNLIT are now constructed from BBMOD_TerrainMaterial.
  • Fixed method screen_point_to_vec3 of BBMOD_BaseCamera normalizing the resulting vector when it should not be normalized.
  • Fixed crash after BBMOD_Camera.set_mouselook(true) in YYC.
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