Changelog 3.2.0

This release brings a massive overhaul to render queues & render commands system, as well as a new Terrain module, using which you can create heightmap based terrains with five layers of materials controlled using a splatmap.



  • Updated documented types to GameMaker 2022.3 style.
  • Removed all API that was previously marked as deprecated or obsolete! Please make sure you are not using any of it before upgrading your project to this version.

Core module:

  • Fog in the default shaders is now affected by the color of ambient and directional lights.
  • Added new enum BBMOD_ERenderCommand, which contains all possible render commands.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_RenderQueue, which is a container for render commands.
  • Struct BBMOD_RenderCommand is now obsolete. Please use methods of BBMOD_RenderQueue to create render commands.
  • Added new property BBMOD_BaseMaterial.RenderQueue, which is the render queue used by the material.
  • Added new function bbmod_render_queue_get_default, which returns the default render queue.
  • Property RenderCommands and methods has_commands, submit_queue and clear_queue of BBMOD_BaseMaterial are now obsolete. Please use its RenderQueue property instead.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Material, which is now the base struct for all materials.
  • Moved basic properties and methods from BBMOD_BaseMaterial to BBMOD_Material.
  • Struct BBMOD_BaseMaterial now inherits from BBMOD_Material.
  • Added new property BBMOD_Material.AlphaBlend, using which you can enable/disable alpha blending. This is by default disabled.
  • Added new function bbmod_gpu_get_default_state, using which you can retrieve the default GPU state.
  • Added new functions bbmod_shader_clear_globals, bbmod_shader_get_global, bbmod_shader_set_global_f, bbmod_shader_set_global_f_array, bbmod_shader_set_global_f2, bbmod_shader_set_global_f3, bbmod_shader_set_global_f4, bbmod_shader_set_global_i, bbmod_shader_set_global_i_array, bbmod_shader_set_global_i2, bbmod_shader_set_global_i3, bbmod_shader_set_global_i4, bbmod_shader_set_global_matrix, bbmod_shader_set_global_matrix_array, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_filter, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_max_aniso, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_max_mip, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_min_mip, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_mip_bias, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_mip_enable, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_mip_filter, bbmod_shader_set_global_sampler_repeat and bbmod_shader_unset_global, using which you can get, set and unset global shader uniforms.
  • Properties BBMOD_BaseShader.set_zfar and BBMOD_DefaultShader.set_shadowmap are now obsolete. They were replaced by global shader uniforms.
  • Fixed method BBMOD_Vertex.to_vertex_buffer when using vertex colors.

Camera module:

  • Fixed mouselook in Firefox.

Terrain module:

  • Added new module - Terrain.
  • Added new struct BBMOD_Terrain.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_SHADER_TERRAIN, which is a shader for terrain materials.
  • Added new macro BBMOD_MATERIAL_TERRAIN, which is a base terrain material.
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