Migrating from 2.5.0

BBMOD 3.0.0 has brought great new features, some of which required breaking changes to to the Scripting API and the file formats. In this section you can find a quick guide to upgrading your existing project from 2.5.0 to 3.0.0. For the full list of changes, please see the changelog.

Re-convert your models

BBMOD 3.0.0 has different format of *.bbmod and *.bbanim. You need to first re-convert all your assets to be able to use them in the new BBMOD.

Update your materials

In 3.0.0 PBR is now its own module and no longer the default shader/material. Also in 2.5.0 you could pass a regular GM shader resource to BBMOD_Materials, but in 3.0.0 there is a new struct BBMOD_Shader, which is a wrapper for the regular shader resources. BBMOD_Material now accepts only instances of BBMOD_Shader! For PBR materials there are new structs BBMOD_PBRMaterial and BBMOD_PBRShader defined in the PBR module.

What previously was:

matCharacter = new BBMOD_Material(BBMOD_ShDefaultAnimated);

now becomes:

matCharacter = new BBMOD_PBRMaterial(BBMOD_SHADER_PBR_ANIMATED);

or alternatively:

matCharacter = BBMOD_MATERIAL_PBR_ANIMATED.clone();

Draw models using method submit instead of render

BBMOD 3.0.0 introduces render queues and renderers, using which you can draw meshes sorted by material they use, define custom render pipelines etc. The old render method of BBMOD_Model was renamed to submit and a new render method was added, which only enqueues render commands into materials' render queues. Same applies to BBMOD_DynamicBatch - its old method render_object was renamed to submit_object and a new method render_object was added. The enqueued commands then have to be picked up and executed by a renderer.

Update animation event listeners

Previously only a single animation event listener could be defined for an animation player using:

animationPlayer.OnEvent = function (_event, _data) {
    switch (_event)
        // Handle event...

In BBMOD 3.0.0 more animation events were added and you can even define custom animation events. The single event listener would not work well with this change and so a new system for aniamtion event listeners was created:

animationPlayer.on_event(BBMOD_EV_ANIMATION_END, function (_data) {
    // Handle event...

See the Animation events section for more info.

Use the new math library

BBMOD no longer includes library CE and instead it now comes with its own math library. You now have to use structs BBMOD_Vec2, BBMOD_Vec3, BBMOD_Vec4, BBMOD_Quaternion and BBMOD_DualQuaternion instead of their CE counterparts.

Use dual quaternions instead of matrices for node transformations

All node transformations and animation data now use dual quaternions instead of matrices, which means that method get_node_transform also returns a dual quaternion instead of a matrix.

What previously was:

var _handId = model.find_node_id("HandRight");
var _handMatrix = animationPlayer.get_node_transform(_handId);
matrix_set(matrix_world, _handMatrix);

now becomes:

var _handId = model.find_node_id("HandRight");
var _handDq = animationPlayer.get_node_transform(_handId);
var _handMatrix = _handDq.ToMatrix();
matrix_set(matrix_world, _handMatrix);

Use the new utilities

A bunch of new utility methods have been added in BBMOD 3.0.0. For example the animation player now has a method change, using which you do not have to keep track of the last played animation and call method play only if it changes, it is now taken care of by the animation player. Also the animation player now has its own methods submit and render so you do not have to write model.render(materials, animationPlayer.get_transform()) anymore, it can be just animationPlayer.render(materials).

If you still have issues

Do not be afraid and come join the official Discord server or the GameMaker Community forum thread (see Links), where you can get help with using the new BBMOD.

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