To play animations, you first need to load your animated character like usually:

/// @desc Create event
modCharacter = new BBMOD_Model("Data/Character.bbmod");

and assign it materials that support animations:

matCharacter = BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT.clone();
matCharacter.BaseOpacity = sprite_get_texture(SprCharacter, 0);
modCharacter.set_material("Material", matCharacter);

Then you need to create a BBMOD_AnimationPlayer for the model:

animationPlayer = new BBMOD_AnimationPlayer(modCharacter);

To load the actual animation data, use struct BBMOD_Animation:

animIdle = new BBMOD_Animation("Data/Character_Idle.bbanim");
animWalk = new BBMOD_Animation("Data/Character_Walk.bbanim");

BBMOD_AnimationPlayer has a method play which starts playing an animation from the beginning. When dealing with changing animations, it is a lot easier to use the method change, which keeps track of which animation it was playing and every time you pass it a different animation it automatically transitions into it. The animation update itself is performed in method update, so do not forget to call that every frame for each animation player!

/// @desc Step event
var _animation = (speed > 0) ? animWalk : animIdle;
animationPlayer.change(_animation, true);

To render the animated model, use method submit of the animation player:

/// @desc Draw event
matrix_set(matrix_world, matrix_build(x, y, z, 0, 0, direction, 1, 1, 1));
matrix_set(matrix_world, matrix_build_identity());

Also do not forget to destroy the animation player before it gets out of scope, otherwise you will get memory leaks!

/// @desc Clean Up event
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