Dynamic lights and fog

Since version 3.1.3 material BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT, support dynamic lights and fog.

Ambient light

Ambient light represents a light coming in from all directions. When ambient light is disabled, models that are not lit by any other light source are completely black. So put another way, ambient light affects the color/brightness of the darkest spots. In BBMOD ambient light is split into two parts, lighting coming onto the model from above (+Z) and coming from below (-Z) and the resulting color for each vertex is computed using its normal vector. To configure color of the ambient light coming from individual directions, use functions bbmod_light_ambient_set_up and bbmod_light_ambient_set_down. You can also set both to the same color with function bbmod_light_ambient_set. Ambient light is the only light that is by default enabled (set to white color). If you would like to disable it, simply set its color to black.

Directional light

Directional light represents a light coming onto the model from a single direction, as if the light source was infinitely far away. This type of light is usually used for sunlight. BBMOD supports only one directional light at time. To enable it, you first need to create a new BBMOD_DirectionalLight and then set it as the current one using bbmod_light_directional_set.

var _sunLight = new BBMOD_DirectionalLight(
    // The color of the light, you can also use BBMOD_C_* shorthands
    new BBMOD_Color(255, 255, 255),
    // The direction of the light
    new BBMOD_Vec3(-1, -1, -1).Normalize());

The color of the light must be an instance of BBMOD_Color! If you would like to disable the directional light again, simply call bbmod_light_directional_set with undefined as the first argument.

Point lights

Point lights represent lights coming from a single point onto models around it in a specific radius. The intensity of the lights smoothly drops off with the distance of the vertex from the point light and it reaches 0 at its radius. By default BBMOD supports 8 instances of point lights at time. To add a new instance of a point light, you first need to create a new BBMOD_PointLight and then add it using bbmod_light_point_add.

/// @desc Create event
pointLight = new BBMOD_PointLight(
    // The color of the light
    // The light's position
    new BBMOD_Vec3(x, y, z),
    // The light's radius

If you change light's properties (in the Step event for example), you do not need to re-add it!

/// @desc Step event
// Use a random light color each step.
// No need to use bbmod_light_point_add again!
pointLight.Color.FromHSV(random(255), 255, 255);

If you would like to remove a point light, use function bbmod_light_point_remove.

/// @desc Clean Up event

To get number of all added point lights use function bbmod_light_point_count. To retrieve a light at specific index you can use bbmod_light_point_get. You can also remove a light at specific index using bbmod_light_point_remove_index or remove all added lights with bbmod_light_point_clear.

Temporarily disabling lights

Since version 3.1.4 it is possible to temporarily disable lights by setting their Enabled property to false. This is useful for example if you want to disable lights that are out of view enable them once they are visible again, without having to call the appropriate set/add/remove functions.


When fog is enabled, all objects at distance start to fade into the color of the fog. To enable fog use function bbmod_fog_set.

    // The color of the fog
    // The maximum intensity of the fog
    // The distance from the camera at which the fog starts
    // The distance from the camera at which the fog has the maximum intensity

Individual properties of the fog can also be configured using functions bbmod_fog_set_color, bbmod_fog_set_intensity, bbmod_fog_set_start and bbmod_fog_set_end. To disable the fog again, simply set its intensity to 0.

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