0000006: [Sound] Vehicle engines do not play for other clients (IMP700)
0000008: [User Interface] Add delay after closing the in-game store (IMP700)
0000012: [Other] Bullet collisions take up too much performance (IMP700)
0000014: [Gameplay] Spawnpoints do not work correctly (IMP700)
0000015: [Gameplay] Wrong winner selected after time limit (IMP700)
0000018: [Gameplay] The explosion sometimes does not remember its creator (IMP700)
0000020: [Gameplay] Time counter doesn't sync properly for other clients (IMP700)
0000021: [User Interface] Loadout menu should not be visible on start (IMP700)
0000023: [Gameplay] Change handling TPS camera for vehicles (IMP700)
0000025: [Graphic] Reduce particle count for the explosion (IMP700)
0000027: [Graphic] Add transition effect for vegetation (IMP700)
0000028: [User Interface] Show name of spectated player (IMP700)
0000029: [User Interface] Teammate players should be more visible from long distance (IMP700)
0000030: [User Interface] Killer's name doesn't show when someone gets run over by a vehicle (IMP700)
0000031: [User Interface] Show number of ammunition for vehicles (IMP700)
0000033: [Graphic] Add proper colour grading shader (IMP700)
0000034: [Graphic] Clamp camera zoom (IMP700)
0000035: [Graphic] Lights do not work in shadow-less shader (IMP700)
0000036: [Graphic] Improve bullet collision with water (IMP700)
0000038: [Gameplay] Add possibility to follow player's directions in spectator mode (IMP700)
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