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BBMOD helps you achieve your dream projects in GameMaker - from 3D models rendered in 2D side-scrollers or top-down, through isometric to full fledged 3D games!

The most powerful

Including powerful material system and physically based shaders, BBMOD allows you to use assets created in professional, industry standard software!

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Easy to use

BBMOD library was designed to be as accessible as possible. The following code snippet is all that is required to get a textured 3D model on the screen!

// Load model
model = new BBMOD_Model("Data/Model.bbmod");

// Create and assign material
material = BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT.clone();
material.BaseOpacity = sprite_get_texture(SprTexture, 0);
model.set_material("Material", material);

// Render model

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Wide platform support

From desktop and consoles to mobile and browsers! We make sure that BBMOD runs on every platform supported by GameMaker.

Free and open source

BBMOD is entirely free and you can find its source code right now on GitHub. It is released under the MIT license, so you can modify the library however you like!

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Demo project included

To help you get started, BBMOD comes with a little demo project for you to explore, modify and possibly turn into a complete 3D game!

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Assets used in the demo project are created by and Poly Haven

Join the community

Become part of growing community of BBMOD users, get help from others and share your progress!

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Support the development

Support us in developing BBMOD, get priority assistance and more of our amazing tools as a reward!

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Download BBMOD for free and start developing your dream project now!

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