Easy to use

BBMOD library was designed to be as accessible as possible. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced GameMaker user, you will be able to make the most out of it!

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Simple workflow

Using a model conversion tool BBMOD CLI or BBMOD GUI, you first convert your model from a common format like FBX, COLLADA, OBJ or glTF (the full list can be found here) into a custom binary format specially crafted for fast loading in GameMaker. Then, using the BBMOD GML library, you can easily load the converted model and its animations and render it in just a few lines of code!


BBMOD is clean and object-oriented, utilizing the latest GML features of GameMaker.

Module based

The entire library is split into folders or "modules", each adding more and more functionality, but only one of them is absolutely necessary! The more comfortable you get with BBMOD, the more of them you can use. Or stick to the basics, it is up to you and your project's needs!

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Fully documented

From individual variables to entire structs and their methods, every little part of the library is documented. Each release also comes with a changelog so you know exactly what has changed!

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The most powerful

BBMOD keeps developing and pushing 3D rendering in GameMaker even farther, so you can focus on making your game and let it do the heavy lifting for you!

Material system

BBMOD has a powerful and unique material system which allows you to sort draw calls on per-mesh basis. No more issues with drawing order of instances!


Skeletal animations are fully supported, even motion capture! Using animation state machines you will be able to add characters to your game in no time.

Dynamic lights and shadows

Create beautifully lit environments with BBMOD's built-in support for dynamic lights and shadows!

Physically based rendering

With support for metallic-roughness material workflow and image based lighting, you can use assets created in professional, industry standard software, that you would normally see in AAA 3D game engines.

Terrain rendering

One of the many modules is a Terrain module, using which you can easily create and render heightmap based terrains with up to five material layers controlled with a splatmap!

Post-processing & anti-aliasing

Make your game stand out with effects like color grading, chromatic aberration, vignette and more! BBMOD will also help you get rid of the jaggies using FXAA.

Dynamic batching

When performance is of concern, BBMOD comes with various trick for increasing FPS, like dynamic batching! Using dynamic batching you can render multiple instances of moving models in a single draw call.


Using built-in GML functions can often times feel a little clunky. BBMOD fixes that by providing you with various utility functions and structs!


From desktop and consoles to mobile and browsers! We make sure that BBMOD runs on every platform supported by GameMaker.

Demo project included

To help you get started, BBMOD comes with a little demo project for you to explore, modify and possibly turn into a complete 3D game!

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Assets used in the demo project are created by Kenney.nl and Poly Haven

Support the development

Support us in developing BBMOD, get priority assistance and more of our amazing tools as a reward!

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Download BBMOD for free and start making 3D games in GameMaker today!

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