Release notes EA

This release adds support for BBMOD's default shaders and introduces a new layout, which brings the Material Editor into focus.

  • Changed BBMOD GUI to x64 only!
  • Changed versioning to <BBMOD version>.<BBMOD GUI patch>. E.g. version means that the GUI uses BBMOD 3.1.10 and it is the first release using that version. (If EA is appended to the version, it means that BBMOD GUI is still in early access state.) If we fix a bug or add a new feature to BBMOD GUI, then we release it as, etc. This system still tells you which version of BBMOD it is compatible with and at the same time it allows us to release new versions of BBMOD GUI without waiting for updates to BBMOD.
  • Updated BBMOD to 3.1.10, which uses the latest Assimp and thus it should fix various issues with model import.
  • Changed layout - Material Editor is now on the right side and it takes most of the window, so you can better see and navigate the graph. The Material Editor also received little visual touch-ups, like a grid pattern on its background and a stylized display of the selected material's name.
  • Fixed a bug where you could connect pins of the same type (input pins to input pins and output pins to output pins) in the Material Editor.
  • Added "Patrons of the release" to the "About" window (Help > About). Thank you for supporting the project!
  • Enabled menu options Open Docs and Release Notes in Help, which now open a browser with this documentation.
  • Fixed axes orientation preview overflowing the Viewport. It is now not displayed if the Viewport is too small.
  • Added support for the default shaders (BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT*), which uses specular color-smoothness workflow.
  • Changed options in the "Export Model" window (File > Export Model) - previously you could select individual material textures that you wanted to export, but since there is now more material types and each has its own textures, there is now a single "Textures" checkbox, which enables export of all textures specific to used materials. Please note that only textures created for connected pins are exported! For unconnected pins you do not need a texture, as these are left to their default values. If you have created multiple shader nodes for a single material, then currently only the last one created is exported (and previewed in the Viewport)!
  • Added a new window "Lights" (Windows > Lights), where you can configure directional and ambient lights used by the default shaders.
  • Fixed crashes during model import or reload that happened when you tried to open a file that did not exist or it could not be loaded using Assimp. If a model cannot be loaded, a little notification is showed in the bottom right corner.
  • Fixed application slowing down over time when previewing animated models.
  • Changed maximum animation sampling rate to 300. Previously it did not have an upper limit, which meant it could crash the application if set too high.

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