Release notes EA

This release mainly focuses on providing the latest version of BBMOD and also brings some UX improvements.

  • Updated BBMOD to 3.16.1.
  • Changed BBMOD GUI now utilizes shader variants and no longer appends the "_ANIMATED" suffix to materials on export!
  • Updated Patrons of the release (thank you for your contributions!).
  • Added fonts now support more glyphs (it fixes problems especially with displaying some exotic file paths).
  • Added possibility to open any file formats (now when you try to import model, you can select "All files" to open any file types).
  • Added tooltip for file inputs showing the full path (when the path is longer than the width of the input).
  • Fixed "Early Access" pop-up window could be opened multiple times.
  • Fixed context menus could overflow the canvas.
  • Fixed crashes when trying to load a non-existent and incorrect model or image files.
  • Changed increased zoom speed when the shift button is pressed.

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