Installing BBMOD | Part 2 | From GitHub

Beginner Getting started

GitHub is where the BBMOD's source code is hosted at and you can download any version you want from here. You simply click on BBMOD.yymps (1) under "Assets" and the package should start downloading.

Download package from GitHub

Once the download is finished, you can open Tools > Import Local Package from the top menu bar in GMS2.

Import local package

In the window that opens up simply navigate to the downloaded file, select it and click "Open".

Select downloaded package

A new window "Import resources" will pop up. On the left side of the window you can see all the resources included in the package. The BBMOD package also includes resources for a little demo project, which you do not need when making your own game, so you can ignore these and import just Included Files/Data/BBMOD and BBMOD (1). Select these two, click the "Add" button (2), so they appear in the column on the right, and then click the "Import" button (3) to actually add the selected resources into your project.

Import of asset's resources

Quick note on modules: As you can see, the BBMOD folder consists of many other folders. We call these "modules". Only the Core module is needed to be able to use the basics of BBMOD and the others add extra functionality. For simplicity, we are importing all of them in this tutorial. If you would like to learn more about modules and their contents, see the Modules section in the documentation.

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