Animating characters with Mixamo | Part 1 | Exporting from Blender

Beginner Mixamo

In this tutorial we will be using a free, CC0 licensed Animated Characters 1 pack by, but the process that you are about to learn works on any character model, so you can use your own instead if you have some ready. We found Mixamo to be working the best when we upload an OBJ file to it, but the character by Kenney is an FBX, so we will first import it into Blender and re-export it again as an OBJ. Feel free to skip individual parts if they are not required for your custom models.


Importing FBX into Blender

Lets begin with opening up Blender and deleting everything included in the default scene by pressing A and then Delete keys. Then select File > Import > FBX from the top menu bar.

Select Import FBX from the File menu

In the dialog that opens simply navigate to animated-characters-1/Model, select file characterMedium.fbx (1) and click the "Import FBX" button (2). We do not need to change any settings in this window.

Select file and click Import FBX

The file should import just fine without any issues.

Loaded character model

Exporting OBJ from Blender

When we have our character model loaded in Blender, we can now export it as an OBJ file. Select File > Export > Wavefront from the top menu bar.

Select Export Wavefront from the File menu

In the dialog that opens simply navigate to the directory where you would like to save the file to and change the file name to whatever you like (1), we are using simply "Character.obj". On the right side of the window expand the "Geometry" section and uncheck the "Write Materials" checkbox (2), since we do not need these. Finish by clicking the "Export OBJ" button (3).

Export OBJ

At this point our character is ready for uploading to Mixamo.

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