A constructor defined in BBMOD_AnimationPlayer.gml

Implements BBMOD_IEventListener, BBMOD_IRenderable

new BBMOD_AnimationPlayer(_model[, _paused])


An animation player. Each instance of an animated model should have its own animation player.


Name Type Description
_model Struct.BBMOD_Model A model that the animation player animates.
_paused Bool If true then the animation player is created as paused. Defaults to false.


Name Description
Animation The currently playing animation or undefined.
AnimationLoops If true then BBMOD_AnimationPlayer.Animation loops.
EnableTransitions If true then transitions between animations are enabled. The default value is true.
Frameskip Number of frames (calls to BBMOD_AnimationPlayer.update) to skip. Defaults to 0 (frame skipping is disabled). Increasing the value increases performance. Use infinity to disable computing animation frames entirely.
Model A model that the animation player animates.
Paused If true, then the animation playback is paused.
PlaybackSpeed Controls animation playback speed. Must be a positive number!
Time The current animation playback time.


Name Description
change Starts playing an animation from its start, only if it is a different one that the last played animation.
get_node_transform Returns a transformation (dual quaternion) of a node, which can be used for example for attachments.
get_node_transform_from_frame Returns a transformation (dual quaternion) of a node from the last animation frame. This is useful if you want to add additional transformations onto an animated bone, instead of competely replacing it.
get_transform Returns an array of current transformations of all bones. This should be passed to a vertex shader.
off_event Removes event listeners.
on_event Adds a listener for a specific event.
play Starts playing an animation from its start.
render Enqueues the animated model for rendering.
set_node_position Overrides a position of a node.
set_node_rotation Overrides a rotation of a node.
set_node_rotation_post Sets a post-rotation of a node.
submit Immediately submits the animated model for rendering.
trigger_event Triggers an event in the event listener.
update Updates the animation player. This should be called every frame in the step event.


Following code shows how to load models and animations in a resource manager object and then play animations in multiple instances of another object.

/// @desc Create event of OResourceManager
modCharacter = new BBMOD_Model("character.bbmod");
animIdle = new BBMOD_Animation("idle.bbanim");

/// @desc Create event of OCharacter
model = OResourceManager.modCharacter;
animationPlayer = new BBMOD_AnimationPlayer(model);, true);

/// @desc Step event of OCharacter

/// @desc Draw event of OCharacter

See also

BBMOD_Animation, BBMOD_AnimationInstance, BBMOD_AnimationState, BBMOD_AnimationStateMachine

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