An enum defined in BBMOD_ERenderCommand.gml


Enumeration of all possible render commands.


Name Description
ApplyMaterial Applies a material if it has a shader that can be used in the current render pass.
ApplyMaterialProps Applies a material property block.
BeginConditionalBlock Marks the beginning of a conditional block. Commands within this block are executed only if the last command was successfully executed.
CheckRenderPass Checks if the current render pass is one of specified passes.
DrawMesh Draws a mesh if its material can be used in the current render pass.
DrawMeshAnimated Draws an animated mesh if its material can be used in the current render pass.
DrawMeshBatched Draws a dynamically batched mesh if its material can be used in the current render pass.
DrawSprite Draws a sprites using the draw_sprite function.
DrawSpriteExt Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_ext function.
DrawSpriteGeneral Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_general function.
DrawSpritePart Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_part function.
DrawSpritePartExt Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_part_ext function.
DrawSpritePos Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_pos function.
DrawSpriteStretched Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_stretched function.
DrawSpriteStretchedExt Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_stretched_ext function.
DrawSpriteTiled Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_tiled function.
DrawSpriteTiledExt Draws a sprite using the draw_sprite_tiled_ext function.
EndConditionalBlock Marks the end of a conditional block.
PopGpuState Pops the GPU state.
PushGpuState Pushes the GPU state.
ResetMaterial Resets material.
ResetMaterialProps Resets current material property block.
ResetShader Resets shader.
SetGpuAlphaTestEnable Enables/disables alpha testing.
SetGpuAlphaTestRef Configures the alpha testing threshold value.
SetGpuBlendEnable Enables/disables alpha blending.
SetGpuBlendMode Sets a blend mode.
SetGpuBlendModeExt Sets source and destination blend modes.
SetGpuBlendModeExtSepAlpha Sets source and destination blend modes with separate blend modes for the alpha channel.
SetGpuColorWriteEnable Enables/disables writing into individual color channels.
SetGpuCullMode Sets the culling mode.
SetGpuFog Configures fog.
SetGpuState Sets the GPU state.
SetGpuTexFilter Enables/disables texture filtering.
SetGpuTexFilterExt Enables/disables texture filtering for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMaxAniso Sets maximum anisotropy.
SetGpuTexMaxAnisoExt Sets maximum anisotropy for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMaxMip Sets maximum mipmap level.
SetGpuTexMaxMipExt Sets maximum mipmap level for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMinMip Sets miminum mipmap level.
SetGpuTexMinMipExt Sets miminum mipmap level for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMipBias Sets mipmapping bias.
SetGpuTexMipBiasExt Sets mipmapping bias for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMipEnable Enables/disables mipmapping.
SetGpuTexMipEnableExt Enables/disables mipmapping for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexMipFilter Sets mipmap filter function.
SetGpuTexMipFilterExt Sets mipmap filter function for a specific sampler.
SetGpuTexRepeat Enables/disables texture repeat.
SetGpuTexRepeatExt Enables/disables texture repeat for a specific sampler.
SetGpuZFunc Sets the depth buffer test function.
SetGpuZTestEnable Enables/disables testing against the depth buffer.
SetGpuZWriteEnable Enables/disables writing to the depth buffer.
SetMaterialProps Sets current material property block.
SetProjectionMatrix Sets the projection matrix.
SetSampler Sets a shader texture sampler.
SetShader Sets a shader.
SetUniformFloat Sets a float shader uniform.
SetUniformFloat2 Sets a float2 shader uniform.
SetUniformFloat3 Sets a float3 shader uniform.
SetUniformFloat4 Sets a float4 shader uniform.
SetUniformFloatArray Sets a float array shader uniform.
SetUniformInt Sets an int shader uniform.
SetUniformInt2 Sets an int2 shader uniform.
SetUniformInt3 Sets an int3 shader uniform.
SetUniformInt4 Sets an int4 shader uniform.
SetUniformIntArray Sets an int array shader uniform.
SetUniformMatrix Sets a matrix shader uniform.
SetUniformMatrixArray Sets a matrix array shader uniform.
SetViewMatrix Sets the view matrix.
SetWorldMatrix Sets the world matrix.
SubmitRenderQueue Submits another render queue.
SubmitVertexBuffer Submits a vertex buffer.
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