A constructor defined in BBMOD_ReflectionProbe.gml

Implements BBMOD_IDestructible

new BBMOD_ReflectionProbe([_position[, _sprite]])


Used to capture surrounding scene at a specific position into a texture which is then used for reflections.


Name Type Description
_position Struct.BBMOD_Vec3 The position of the reflection probe. Defaults to vector (0, 0, 0) if undefined.
_sprite Asset.GMSprite Pre-captured reflection probe sprite. Useful for example if you want to skip your game with pre-baked probes instead of capturing them on runtime. The sprite is deleted when the probe is re-captured or destroyed!


Name Description
EnableShadows If true then shadows are enabled when capturing the reflection probe, which takes longer to render. Default is false.
Enabled If false then the probe is disabled and unused. Default value is true.
Infinite If true then the reflection probe has infinite extents, otherwise they are defined by the BBMOD_ReflectionProbe.Size property. Default value is false.
NeedsUpdate If true then the reflection probe needs to be re-captured. Equals true when _sprite is not passed to the constructor. Setting this to true every frame has severe impact on performance, even for a single reflection probe!
Position The position in the world. Default value is (0, 0, 0).
Resolution The resolution of a cubemap used when capturing the probe. Default is 128 or the height of the sprite from which was the reflection probe created.
Size Size of AABB on each axis that marks the probe's area of influence. The probe is active only when camera enters this area. Default value is (0.5, 0.5, 0.5), i.e. a 1x1x1 box.
Sprite The captured sprite used for reflections.


Name Description
destroy Frees memory used by the struct.
set_position Changes the position of the reflection probe.
set_size Changes the probe's area of influence.
set_sprite Destroys the reflection probe's sprite and replaces it with a new one.


A reflection probe object:

/// @desc Create event
reflectionProbe = new BBMOD_ReflectionProbe();
reflectionProbe.set_position(new BBMOD_Vec3(x, y, z));
reflectionProbe.set_size(new BBMOD_Vec3(100, 100, 20));

/// @desc Step event
if (x != xprevious || y != yprevious || z != zprevious)
    // Re-capture the reflection probe if its position changes
    reflectionProbe.set_position(new BBMOD_Vec3(x, y, z));
    reflectionProbe.NeedsUpdate = true;

/// @desc Clean Up event
reflectionProbe = reflectionProbe.destroy();

A model captured into reflection probes:

/// @desc Create event
material = BBMOD_MATERIAL_DEFAULT.clone();
// Add a shader for the ReflectionCapture render pass to make the model
// visible during reflection capture!
material.set_shader(BBMOD_ERenderPass.ReflectionCapture, BBMOD_SHADER_DEFAULT);
model.set_material("Material", material);

/// @desc Draw event


You need to be using a BBMOD_BaseRenderer for reflection probes to work! By default only materials BBMOD_MATERIAL_TERRAIN and BBMOD_MATERIAL_SKY are captured into reflection probes!

See also

BBMOD_ERenderPass.ReflectionCapture, bbmod_reflection_probe_add, bbmod_reflection_probe_clear, bbmod_reflection_probe_count, bbmod_reflection_probe_get, bbmod_reflection_probe_remove, bbmod_reflection_probe_remove_index

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