Extends BBMOD_Resource


new BBMOD_Material([_shader])


Base class for materials.


Name Type Description
_shader Struct.BBMOD_Shader/Undefined A shader that the material uses in the BBMOD_ERenderPass.Forward pass. Leave undefined if you would like to use BBMOD_Material.set_shader to specify shaders used in specific render passes.


Name Description
AlphaBlend Use true to enable alpha blending. This can have negative effect on performance, therefore it should be used only when necessary. Default value is false.
AlphaTest Discard pixels with alpha less than this value. Use values in range 0..1.
BaseOpacity A texture with a base color in the RGB channels and opacity in the alpha channel.
BlendMode A blend mode. Default value is bm_normal.
Culling A culling mode. Default value is cull_counterclockwise.
Filtering Use false to disable linear texture filtering for this material. Default value is true.
Mipmapping Use false to disable mimapping for this material. Default value is true.
OnApply A function that is executed when the shader is applied. Must take the material as the first argument. Use undefined if you do not want to execute any function. Defaults to undefined.
RenderPass Render passes in which is the material rendered. Defaults to 0 (no passes).
RenderQueue The render queue used by this material. Defaults to the default BBMOD render queue.
Repeat Use true to enable texture repeat for this material. Default value is false.
ZFunc The function used for depth testing when BBMOD_Material.ZTest is enabled. Default value is cmpfunc_lessequal.
ZTest If true then models using this material should be tested against the depth buffer. Defaults value is true.
ZWrite If true then models using this material should write to the depth buffer. Default value is true.


Name Description
apply Makes this material the current one.
clone Creates a clone of the material.
copy Copies properties of this material into another material.
get_shader Retrieves a shader used in a specific render pass.
has_shader Checks whether the material has a shader for the render pass.
remove_shader Removes a shader used in a specific render pass.
reset Resets the current material to undefined.
set_base_opacity Changes the base color and opacity to a uniform value for the entire material.
set_shader Defines a shader used in a specific render pass.

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