A constructor defined in BBMOD_PostProcessEffect.gml

Implements BBMOD_IDestructible

new BBMOD_PostProcessEffect()


Base struct for all post-processing effects.


Name Description
Enabled If true then the effect is enabled. Default value is true.
PostProcessor The post-processor to which is this effect added or undefined.


Name Description
destroy Frees memory used by the struct.
draw Applies the effect to given surface.

Child structs

BBMOD_ChromaticAberrationEffect, BBMOD_ColorGradingEffect, BBMOD_DepthOfFieldEffect, BBMOD_DirectionalBlurEffect, BBMOD_ExposureEffect, BBMOD_FXAAEffect, BBMOD_FilmGrainEffect, BBMOD_GammaCorrectEffect, BBMOD_KawaseBlurEffect, BBMOD_LensDistortionEffect, BBMOD_LensFlaresEffect, BBMOD_LightBloomEffect, BBMOD_LumaSharpenEffect, BBMOD_MonochromeEffect, BBMOD_NormalDistortionEffect, BBMOD_RadialBlurEffect, BBMOD_ReinhardTonemapEffect, BBMOD_SunShaftsEffect, BBMOD_VignetteEffect

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