Extends BBMOD_Class




Loads a dynamic library which allows you to convert models into BBMOD.


Name Description
convert Converts a model into a BBMOD.
get_apply_scale Checks whether the "apply scale" option is enabled.
get_disable_bone Checks whether bones are disabled.
get_disable_color Checks whether vertex colors are disabled.
get_disable_normal Checks whether vertex normals are disabled.
get_disable_tangent Checks whether tangent and bitangent vectors are disabled.
get_disable_uv Checks whether texture coordinates are disabled.
get_disable_uv2 Checks whether second UV channel is disabled.
get_flip_normal Checks whether flipping vertex normals is enabled.
get_flip_uv_horizontally Checks whether flipping texture coordinates horizontally is enabled.
get_flip_uv_vertically Checks whether flipping texture coordinates vertically is enabled.
get_gen_normal Checks whether generating normal vectors is enabled.
get_invert_winding Checks whether inverse vertex winding is enabled.
get_left_handed Checks whether conversion to left-handed coordinate system is enabled.
get_optimize_animations Retrieves the animation optimization level.
get_optimize_materials Checks whether material optimization is enabled.
get_optimize_meshes Checks whether mesh optimization is enabled.
get_optimize_nodes Checks whether node optimization is enabled.
get_pre_transform Checks whether the "pre-transform" option is enabled.
get_sampling_rate Retrieves the animation samping rate (frames per second).
set_apply_scale Enables/disables the "apply scale" option, which applies global scaling factor defined in the model file if enabled. This is by default disabled.
set_disable_bone Enables/disables bones and animations. These are by default enabled.
set_disable_color Enables/disables vertex colors. Vertex colors are by default enabled.
set_disable_normal Enables/disables vertex normals. Vertex normals are by default enabled.
set_disable_tangent Enables/disables tangent and bitangent vectors. These are by default enabled.
set_disable_uv Enables/disables texture coordinates. Texture coordinates are by default enabled.
set_disable_uv2 Enables/disables second UV channel. Second UV channel is by default enabled.
set_flip_normal Enables/disables flipping vertex normals. This is by default disabled.
set_flip_uv_horizontally Enables/disables flipping texture coordinates horizontally. This is by default disabled.
set_flip_uv_vertically Enables/disables flipping texture coordinates vertically. This is by default disabled.
set_gen_normal Configures generating normal vectors. This is by default set to BBMOD_NORMALS_SMOOTH. Vertex normals are required by the default shaders!
set_invert_winding Enables/disables inverse vertex winding. This is by default disabled.
set_left_handed Enables/disables conversion to left-handed coordinate system. This is by default enabled.
set_optimize_animations Sets the animation optimization level. This is by default set to 0.
set_optimize_materials Enables/disables material optimization. When enabled, redundant materials are joined into one and unused materials are removed. This is by default disabled.
set_optimize_meshes Enables/disables mesh optimization. When enabled, multiple meshes with the same material are joined into one to reduce draw calls. This is by default disabled.
set_optimize_nodes Enable/disable node optimization. When enabled, multiple nodes (without bones, animations, ...) are joined into one. This is by default disabled.
set_pre_transform Enables/disables the "pre-transform" option, which pre-transforms the models and collapses all nodes into one if possible. This is by default disabled.
set_sampling_rate Sets the animation sampling rate (frames per second). This is by default set to 60.



var _dll = new BBMOD_DLL();
_dll.convert("House.fbx", "House.bbmod");
_dll = _dll.destroy();
modHouse = new BBMOD_Model("House.bbmod");
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