A constructor defined in BBMOD_SpotLight.gml

Extends BBMOD_PunctualLight

new BBMOD_SpotLight([_color[, _position[, _range[, _direction[, _angleInner[, _angleOuter]]]]]])


A spot light.


Name Type Description
_color Struct.BBMOD_Color The light's color. Defaults to BBMOD_C_WHITE.
_position Struct.BBMOD_Vec3 The light's position. Defaults to (0, 0, 0) if undefined.
_range Real The light's range. Defaults to 1.
_direction Struct.BBMOD_Vec3 The light's direction. Defaults to BBMOD_VEC3_FORWARD if undefined.
_angleInner Real The inner cone angle in degrees. Defaults to 10.
_angleOuter Real The outer cone angle in degrees. Defaults to 20.


Name Description
AngleInner The inner cone angle in degrees. Default value is 10.
AngleOuter The inner cone angle in degrees. Default value is 20.
Direction The direction of the light. The default value is (1, 0, 0).

Inherited properties

Name Description
AffectLightmaps If true then the light affects also materials with baked lightmaps. Defaults to true.
CastShadows If true then the light should casts shadows. This may not be implemented for all types of lights! Defaults to false.
Color The color of the light. Default value is BBMOD_C_WHITE.
Enabled Use false to disable the light. Defaults to true (the light is enabled).
Position The position of the light.
Range The range of the light.
RenderPass Bitwise OR of 1 << render pass in which the light is enabled. By default this is BBMOD_ERenderPass.Forward and BBMOD_ERenderPass.ReflectionCapture, which means the light is visible only in the forward render pass and during capture of reflection probes.
ShadowmapResolution The resolution of the shadowmap surface. Must be power of 2. Defaults to 512.

Inherited methods

Name Description
destroy Frees resources used by the struct from memory.
implement Implements an interface into the struct.
implements Checks whether the struct implements an interface.
is_instance Checks if the struct inherits from given class.
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