An enum defined in BBMOD_Shader.gml


Enumeration of shader uniform types.


Name Description
Color A color. It is automatically normalized from 0..255 range to 0..1 when passed to a shader.
Float A single float.
Float2 A 2D vector of floats.
Float3 A 3D vector of floats.
Float4 A 4D vector of floats.
FloatArray An array of floats.
Int A single integer.
Int2 A 2D vector of integers.
Int3 A 3D vector of integers.
Int4 A 4D vector of integers.
IntArray An array of integers.
Matrix The current transform matrix.
MatrixArray A matrix as an array of 16 floats.
Sampler A texture sampler.
SIZE Total number of members of this enum.

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