A function defined in BBMOD_Model.gml

render([_materials[, _transform[, _batchData[, _matrix]]]])


Enqueues the model for rendering.


Name Type Description
_materials Array<Struct.BBMOD_BaseMaterial> An array of materials, one for each material slot of the model. If not specified, then BBMOD_Model.Materials is used. Defaults to undefined.
_transform Array An array of dual quaternions for transforming animated models or undefined. Disables caching!
_batchData Array, Array<Array> Data for dynamic batching or undefined.
_matrix Array The world matrix. Defaults to matrix_get(matrix_world).


Struct.BBMOD_Model Returns self.


This method does not do anything if the model has not been loaded yet.

See also

BBMOD_AnimationPlayer.get_transform, BBMOD_Resource.IsLoaded, bbmod_material_reset

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