Extends BBMOD_BaseMaterial


new BBMOD_DefaultMaterial([_shader])


A material that can be used when rendering models.


Name Type Description
_shader Struct.BBMOD_DefaultShader/Undefined A shader that the material uses in the BBMOD_ERenderPass.Forward pass. Leave undefined if you would like to use BBMOD_Material.set_shader to specify shaders used in specific render passes.


Name Description
NormalSmoothness A texture with tangent-space normals in the RGB channels and smoothness in the alpha channel.
ShadowmapBias Controls range over which the mesh smoothly transitions into shadow. This can be useful for example for billboarded particles, where harsh transition does not look good. Default value is 0, which means no smooth transition.
SpecularColor A texture specular color in the RGB channels.


Name Description
set_normal_smoothness Changes the normal vector and smoothness to a uniform value for the entire material.
set_specular_color Changes the specular color to a uniform value for the entire material.

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