A constructor defined in bbmod_emissionmodule.gml

Extends BBMOD_ParticleModule

new BBMOD_EmissionModule([_count])


A particle module that spawns particles at the start of a particle emitter's life.


Name Type Description
_count Real Number of particles to spawn. Defaults to 1.


Name Description
Count Number of particles to spawn.

Inherited properties

Name Description
Enabled If true then the module is enabled. Defaults value is true.

Inherited methods

Name Description
on_finish Executed once at the end of the emitter's emission cycle. Never executed if the emitted particle system is looping!
on_particle_finish Executed when a particle dies.
on_particle_start Executed when a new particle is spawned.
on_start Executed at the beginning of the emitter's emission cycle and every time it loops.
on_update Executed every time the emitter is updated.
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