Extends BBMOD_Material


new BBMOD_BaseMaterial([_shader])


A material that can be used when rendering models.


Name Type Description
_shader Struct.BBMOD_Shader/Undefined A shader that the material uses in the BBMOD_ERenderPass.Forward pass. Leave undefined if you would like to use BBMOD_BaseMaterial.set_shader to specify shaders used in specific render passes.


Name Description
RenderCommands OBSOLETE A list of render commands using this material.
TextureOffset An offset of texture UV coordinates. Defaults to [0, 0]. Using this you can control texture's position within texture page.
TextureScale A scale of texture UV coordinates. Defaults to [1, 1]. Using this you can control texture's size within texture page.


Name Description
clear_queue OBSOLETE Clears the queue of render commands.
clone Creates a clone of the material.
copy Copies properties of this material into another material.
has_commands OBSOLETE Checks whether the material has any render commands waiting for submission.
submit_queue OBSOLETE Submits all render commands without clearing the render queue.

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