A function defined in __bbmod_ssao.gml

bbmod_ssao_draw(_radius, _power, _angleBias, _depthRange, _surSsao, _surWork, _surDepth, _matProj, _clipFar[, _selfOcclusionBias[, _blurDepthRange]])


Renders SSAO into the _surSsao surface.


Name Type Description
_radius Real Screen-space radius of the occlusion effect.
_power Real Strength of the occlusion effect. Should be greater than 0.
_angleBias Real Angle bias in radians.
_depthRange Real Maximum depth difference of samples.
_surSsao Id.Surface The surface to draw the SSAO to.
_surWork Id.Surface A working surface used for blurring the SSAO. Must have the same size as _surSsao!
_surDepth Id.Surface G-buffer surface.
_matProj Array The projection matrix used when rendering the scene.
_clipFar Real Distance to the far clipping plane (same as in the projection used when rendering the scene).
_selfOcclusionBias Real Defaults to 0.01. Increase to fix self-occlusion.
_blurDepthRange Real Maximum depth difference over which can be SSAO samples blurred. Defaults to 2.
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