A function defined in BBMOD_LensFlare.gml

add_ghosts(_sprite, _subimage, _count, _offsetFrom, _offsetTo, _scaleFrom, _scaleMid, _scaleTo, _colorFrom[, _colorTo[, _randomColor[, _applyTint[, _angle[, _angleRelative[, _fadeOut[, _applyStarburst]]]]]]])


A utility function for adding multiple ghosts.


Name Type Description
_sprite Asset.GMSprite The ghost sprite.
_subimage Real The ghost sprite subimage.
_count Real Number of ghosts to add.
_offsetFrom Real The offset of the first ghost.
_offsetTo Real The offset of the last ghost.
_scaleFrom Real The scale of the first ghost.
_scaleMid Real The scale of the middle ghost.
_scaleTo Real The scale of the last ghost.
_colorFrom Struct.BBMOD_Color The color of the first ghost.
_colorTo Struct.BBMOD_Color, Undefined The color of the last ghost. Defaults to _colorFrom if undefined.
_randomColor Bool If true then each ghost color is a random mix between _colorFrom and _colorTo, otherwise the color transitions from _colorFrom to _colorTo, going from the first ghost to the last. Defaults to false (no random mix).
_applyTint Bool Whether to apply tint. Defaults to false.
_angle Real The sprite angle. Defaults to 0.
_angleRelative Bool Whether the angle is relative to the direction towards to light source. Defaults to false.
_fadeOut Bool Whether to fade out ghosts at screen edges. Defaults to true.
_applyStarburst Bool Whether to apply starburst texture. Defaults to false.


Struct.BBMOD_LensFlare Returns self.

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