A constructor defined in BBMOD_ParticleEmitter.gml

Implements BBMOD_IDestructible

new BBMOD_ParticleEmitter(_position, _system)


Emits particles at a specific position in the world. The behavior of the emitted particles is defined by a particle system.


Name Type Description
_position Struct.BBMOD_Vec3 The emitter's position in world-space.
_system Struct.BBMOD_ParticleSystem The particle system that defines behavior of emitted particles.


Name Description
GridCompute Grid used to do fast computations on all particles at once. Its dimensions are 4 x System.ParticleCount, i.e. sufficient for processing vec4s.
Particles Grid of particle data. Particles are stored in rows and particle data in columns. The order of particle data is defined in BBMOD_EParticle. Particles alive are stored first, followed by dead particles.
ParticlesAlive Number of particles that are alive.
Position The emitter's position in world-space.
System The system of particles that this emitter emits.


Name Description
destroy Frees memory used by the struct.
finished Checks if the emitter cycle has finished.
render Enqueus particles for rendering.
spawn_particle If the particle system has not reached the end of the emit cycle yet or if it is looping, then a new particle is spawned. If the maximum number of particles has already been reached, then an existing particle is used, without calling BBMOD_ParticleModule.on_particle_finish.
submit Immediately submits particles for rendering.
update Updates the emitter and all its particles.

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