new BBMOD_ParticleEmitter(_position, _system)


Emits particles at a specific position in the world. The behavior of the emitted particles is defined by a particle system.


Name Type Description
_position Struct.BBMOD_Vec3 The emitter's position in world-space.
_system Struct.BBMOD_ParticleSystem The particle system that defines behavior of emitted particles.


Name Description
GridCompute Grid used to do fast computations on all particles at once. Its dimensions are 4 x System.ParticleCount, i.e. sufficient for processing vec4s.
Particles Grid of particle data. Particles are stored in rows and particle data in columns. The order of particle data is defined in BBMOD_EParticle. Particles alive are stored first, followed by dead particles.
ParticlesAlive Number of particles that are alive.
Position The emitter's position in world-space.
System The system of particles that this emitter emits.


Name Description
finished Checks if the emitter cycle has finished.
render Enqueus particles for rendering.
spawn_particle If the particle system has not reached the end of the emit cycle yet or if it is looping, then a new particle is spawned. If the maximum number of particles has already been reached, then an existing particle is used, without calling BBMOD_ParticleModule.on_particle_finish.
submit Immediately submits particles for rendering.
update Updates the emitter and all its particles.

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