A constructor defined in BBMOD_Sprite.gml

Extends BBMOD_Resource

new BBMOD_Sprite([_file[, _sha1]])


A sprite.


Name Type Description
_file String The file to load the sprite from or undefined.
_sha1 String Expected SHA1 of the file. If the actual one does not match with this, then the model will not be loaded. Use undefined if you do not want to check the SHA1 of the file.


Name Description
Height The height of the sprite.
Raw The raw sprite resource of undefined if it has not been loaded yet.
Width The width of the sprite.

Inherited properties

Name Description
IsLoaded If false then the resource has not been loaded yet.
Path The path to the file from which was the resource loaded, or undefined if the resource does not come from a file.
Persistent If true then the resource is persistent and it is not destroyed when method free is used. Default value is false.


Name Description
get_texture Retrieves a pointer to the texture.

Inherited methods

Name Description
destroy Frees memory used by the struct.
free Releases a reference to the resource.
from_buffer Loads the resource from a buffer.
from_file Loads the resource from a file.
from_file_async Asynchronnously loads the resource from a file.
ref Retrieves a reference to the resource.
to_buffer Writes the resource to a buffer.
to_file Writes a resource to a file.


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