A constructor defined in BBMOD_PostProcessor.gml

Implements BBMOD_IDestructible

new BBMOD_PostProcessor()


Handles post-processing effects like color grading, chromatic aberration, grayscale effect, vignette and anti-aliasing.


Name Description
Antialiasing Antialiasing technique to use. Use values from BBMOD_EAntialiasing. Defaults to BBMOD_EAntialiasing.None.
ChromaticAberration The strength of the chromatic aberration effect. Use 0 to disable the effect. Defaults to 0.
ChromaticAberrationOffset Chromatic aberration offsets for RGB channels. Defaults to (-1, 0, 1).
ColorGradingLUT The lookup table texture used for color grading.
Enabled If true then the post-processor is enabled. Default value is true.
Grayscale The strength of the grayscale effect. Use values in range 0..1, where 0 means the original color and 1 means grayscale. Defaults to 0.
Vignette The strength of the vignette effect. Defaults to 0.
VignetteColor The color of the vignette effect. Defaults to c_black.


Name Description
destroy Frees memory used by the struct.
draw If enabled, draws a surface with post-processing applied, otherwise draws the original surface.
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