An enum defined in BBMOD_EPropertyType.gml


Enumeration of all property types.


Name Description
Bool A boolean.
Color A BBMOD_Color.
GMFont A GameMaker Font asset.
GMObject A GameMaker Object asset.
GMPath A GameMaker Path asset.
GMRoom A GameMaker Room asset.
GMScript A GameMaker Script asset.
GMShader A GameMaker Shader asset.
GMSound A GameMaker Sound asset.
GMSprite A GameMaker Sprite asset.
GMTileSet A GameMaker Tile Set asset.
GMTimeline A GameMaker Timeline asset.
Matrix A matrix.
Path A path to a file or a directory.
Quaternion A BBMOD_Quaternion.
Real A real number.
RealArray An array of real numbers.
String A string.
Vec2 A BBMOD_Vec2.
Vec3 A BBMOD_Vec3.
Vec4 A BBMOD_Vec4.

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