A constructor defined in BBMOD_MaterialPropertyBlock.gml

new BBMOD_MaterialPropertyBlock()


A collection of material properties. Useful in case you want to use the same material when rendering multiple models and only change some of its properties for each model.


Name Description
apply Applies properties to a shader.
clear Removes all properties.
clone Creates a shallow clone of the material property block.
copy Shallowly copies properties into another material property block.
get Retrieves a value of a property.
get_names Retreives an array of names of properties that the material property block has.
has Checks whether the material property block has a property with given name.
remove Removes a property with given name.
set Sets a property to given value.
set_color Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Color property.
set_float Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Float property.
set_float2 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Float2 property.
set_float3 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Float3 property.
set_float4 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Float4 property.
set_float_array Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.FloatArray property.
set_int Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Int property.
set_int2 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Int2 property.
set_int3 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Int3 property.
set_int4 Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Int4 property.
set_int_array Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.IntArray property.
set_matrix Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Matrix property.
set_matrix_array Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.MatrixArray property.
set_sampler Sets a value of a BBMOD_EShaderUniformType.Sampler property.


/// @desc Create event
// Controls for silhouette effect
silhouetteColor = BBMOD_C_RED;
silhouetteStrength = 1.0;

// Create a new material property block
materialProps = new BBMOD_MaterialPropertyBlock();

/// @desc Step event
// Update material property block's properties using the local variables
materialProps.set_color("u_vSilhouetteColor", silhouetteColor);
materialProps.set_float("u_fSilhouetteStrength", silhouetteStrength);

/// @desc Draw event
// Set the material property block as the current one
// Render a model using the properties
// Unset the properties so they aren't applied to other models too

// Note: This works with method submit too, e.g.:

See also

bbmod_material_props_get, bbmod_material_props_reset, bbmod_material_props_set

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