A constructor defined in BBMOD_Node.gml

Extends BBMOD_Class
Implements BBMOD_IRenderable

new BBMOD_Node(_model)


A node struct.


Name Type Description
_model Struct.BBMOD_Model The model which contains this node.


Name Description
Children An array of child nodes.
Index The node index.
IsBone If true then the node is a bone.
IsRenderable If true then the node or a node down the chain has a mesh.
Meshes An array of mesh indices.
Model The model which contains this node.
Name The name of the node.
Parent The parent of this node or undefined if it is the root node.
Transform The transformation of the node.
Visible Set to false to disable rendering of the node and its child nodes.


Name Description
add_child Adds a child node.
clone Creates a clone of the node.
copy Copies node data into another node.
from_buffer Loads node data from a buffer.
render Enqueues the node for rendering.
set_renderable Marks the node and nodes up the chain as renderable.
submit Immediately submits the node for rendering.
to_buffer Writes node data to a buffer.

Inherited methods

Name Description
destroy Frees resources used by the struct from memory.
implement Implements an interface into the struct.
implements Checks whether the struct implements an interface.
is_instance Checks if the struct inherits from given class.

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