Changelog 3.1.11

This tiny release mainly adds support for orthographic camera projection, as requested by one of our Patrons.


Core module:

  • Added new methods ApplyWorld, ApplyView and ApplyProjection to BBMOD_Matrix, using which you can set it as the current world/view/projection matrix respectively.
  • Added new method BBMOD_Matrix.Transform, using which you can transform a BBMOD_Vec4 with the matrix.

Camera module:

  • Added new property BBMOD_Camera.Orthographic, using which you can enable orthographic projection.
  • Added new property BBMOD_Camera.Width, using which you can configure the width of orthographic projection. Height is computed from BBMOD_Camera.AspectRation.
  • Added new method BBMOD_Camera.world_to_screen, using which you can get screen-space position of a point in world-space.
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